DCC New Mosque Project

Danforth Community Center 

​Baitul Aman Masjid

Tel: +1-416-691-2008

3114 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M1L1B1, Canada

Summer School 

  • When: Monday to Thursday during the month of July and August (for specific dates, please contact the office in June)

  • Time: 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m 

  • Rate (Call or visit the Office)

  • Age: 5 years and up

  • Available for both Boys and Girls (Separate Classes)

The curriculum covers a range of topics including

  • Qu'ran memorization

  • Tajweed

  • Salah

  • Sunnah

  • Daily Duas

  • Taharat

  • Tawheed

  • Five pillars of Islam

  • Pillars of Iman and Faith

The summer classes are organized so that there is also time for recess, so children can play summer activities such as basketball and soccer.

Seats are limited. First come first serve for registration.

For more infomation, please contact Baitul Aman Masjid at (416) 691-2008 or Abdul Qhadir Issa at (647) 787-5256.

You can also visit us at the Baitul Aman office every Saturday or Sunday at noon.